Erik ReeL painting
Erik ReeL, Opus 1683, acrylic on paper 

Listening to Arvo Part’s Fratres, or at least six versions of it. When I put this on repeat and go to sleep on it, I always have wonderful dreams.

Highly recommended if you are in a bitchy mood and totally disgusted with the human race. I was going to say “mankind” but thought I’d better make it gender neutral. Then, on second thought, I really do mean mankind, as in all the mess  that men make of things.. so not so gender neutral.  Let’s be honest about who really makes war, and is the source of the vast majority of the crime,  cruelty, injustice, and violence in this world.

One reason I believe Part chose a masculine word, Fratres, for this peace. We men really do need to learn how to be brothers in this world and put an end to all the stupidity and war.