Erik ReeL painting
Erik ReeL, Opus 1707, RHO, acrylic on BFK paper 2012, photo courtesy the Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara

Rho was also in the Out of the Great Wide Open exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara in 2015.  From the reactions opening night, it was probably the most popular piece. As usual digital reproduction does not do it justice. No camera seems capable of capturing the true nature of my work in part because I deliberately exploit aspects of the cognitive processing that is necessary for a human being to process the information stream from two eyes to produce a single continuous visual field.  All sense of layering, spatial ambiguity, and consciousness of cognitive processing of that ambiguity is invariably lost in any reproduction based on single-lense instrumentation.

Rho is dedicated to my wife, Rhonda Hill and does contain our little secret hints and messages buried within its markings.  It is, essentially, a love letter to Rhonda, painted within a month of meeting her; but carefully veiled so it can be displayed in public.  This also harkens to a long-standing theme of mine, the interplay between the concealed and the revealed; the hidden and that which is transparent, but perhaps still not seen, or see-able.  Even the use of some of the amphibolous nature of our cognitive processing of visual information fits within this theme.  My hope is that this piece ends up in a public collection where people will be able to see it live on an ongoing basis, not in reproduction.

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