Heart of the Matter

Erik ReeL #1258, Heart of the Matter, Acrylic on canvas, 42 x 32 | 107 x 82, 2009

When this was exhibited at the Galerie 255 on Laurel avenue in the Front Street zone, on opening night a young fellow came up to me and said that this painting had been “talking to [him] for the last 20 minutes”.  This is what happens when people see this work live and in person.  They get into conversations with the work.  That is, if they really see the work; they enter into an intimate conversation with it. Through this relationship, the painting talks to them, feeds them.  This is how painting feeds those who desire to be fed. But it takes a deeper painting to do that; a painting of a certain quality.  Heart of the Matter proved it is a painting of that certain quality many times over that night.

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