Hearing Music

Erik ReeL painting
Erik ReeL, opus 1752, acrylic

Q: Does your hearing thing just affect human voices? What about music?

ReeL: it is hard for me to say. After all, I have no idea what other people hear. But I have been asked to write about music, but I cannot do that. I like a lot of music and listen to a lot of music, but I have no way of knowing that what I hear is anything like what everyone else hears, so I am not a very good person to be reviewing anything musical.

The result is that I do not hear certain spoken sounds with sufficient differentiation to distinguish between what other people hear as distinctly different sounds.

Q: What about phones?

ReeL: Phones are hard. I do not like phones. Phones are a problem. Ironically, they sometimes shift sounds enough in a way that makes it easier to understand someone. Most normal people do not realize phones distort pitch and sound ever so slightly.  If there’s any background or other noise that complicates the aural situation, forget it.  I avoid phone conversations if at all possible.

1 thought on “Hearing Music”

  1. Yep. I am there, and am doing that, Erik. My family go mad! So do I. The air forced heat speaks and so does the traffic a few blocks away. I hear arguments in the house when everyone is sleeping. I am not haunted..just hearing impaired. Hate phones. I don’t answer them usually. And seldom make a call. From around the corner my classical music sounds percussive only with some bass notes. My head catches the beat and makes music for it. Then I have to get up and go close to see what music I am really listening to– such a familiar sound, yet I can’t ID it from the other room. Hearing aids are a sensory distraction– my ears think they are intruders. It’s a bugaboo. I may have to try again with hearing aids if I can find some I can afford. You know the insurance will pay for the hearing exam, but not for the “fix.” Something wrong there.

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