Another Early Drawing

Erik ReeL early drawing
Drawing of Miles Davis, by Erik ReeL, age 15, pencil on paper, 1967.

In my previous post I talked about  going to the library when I was a kid to get good LPs  and then drawing from the photos on them.

One of my favorite musicians when I was a teenager was Miles Davis.  When I was looking for a photo to draw him  I remember it was a bit difficult to get a good enough photo at that time without a horn in his mouth. I did some drawings of him playing, but I also wanted one without a horn in his mouth and finally found a very early photo of him.

Miles is young in the picture, it’s off of one of his earliest albums and I was very young when I drew this pencil sketch. It was  the summer before I entered ninth grade: I was 15.

The original sketch is quite small: only a couple of inches across.