Exuberant Energies at Work

Erik ReeL  painting #1665
Erik ReeL acrylic, Opus 1665

In Opus 1665, I am using a paper I usually don’t paint on. Its very lightweight,  less than 130 Kg/m2 and does not take the same degree of textural effects as what I usually work on.  In some ways this makes things clearer. Exuberant energies at work here. Enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Exuberant Energies at Work”

  1. Erik, I am imagining that it becomes transparent as the oils on the wax settle into the thinner paper? Parchment like? Can’t wait to see what you do with it. Susan Holland

  2. Oh, I remember…yes, the acrylic medium. But that becomes transparent, doesn’t it, and must make the paper transluscent if it’s very thin? Maybe not. I’ll have to try it here and find out.

  3. yes, that is correct, depending somewhat on brand. Acrylic mediums are not quite the same thing brand to brand. I used to work with the Rhoplex polymer from Rhom and Haas that is the industrial precursor or basis of many acrylic mediums, but now work almost exclusively with Dan Smith’s mediums.

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