Miles Beyond

Miles Davis
Miles Davis laying it down in his later years, photo wikipedia

28 September 2014- One of my favorite musicians to listen to is Miles Davis. He’s a fantastic musician to paint to.

In particular, I  am inspired by  his “spare and spellbinding lyricism with dramatic use of silence.”  I, too, seek a “spare and spellbinding lyricism with dramatic use of silence;” in my painting.

But there is nothing quite like Miles’ mastery of time.

Today, in the morning,  23 years ago, the great Miles Davis died  of a stroke.

Today, this morning, 28 Septermber, as I was listening to The Best of Miles Davis: The Blue Note Years, I happened to read the liner notes to the original LP, first released in 1992.  The notes end with the writer saying that it so happens that just as he finished writing those very same liner notes I was reading this morning,  the news came over his television that Mile Davis had just died of a stroke that morning, 28 September 1991.

Before reading those notes, I had no idea that Miles Davis had died on 28 September in the morning.

I tell you, when Miles plays,  things happen; worlds part and synchronicity just flows out into the universe.

As the writer of those liner notes concluded: “His restles genius will be sorely missed.”

Erik ReeL painting
Erik ReeL, # 1389, acrylic painting